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It's really not funny, when after you've reached severally high positionrankin 2go, and then 2go bannedyour account. Well, if 2go has bannedyour account, don't worry, lets put hands together and you'll getyour accountback within 24hours. To tell you the truth, 2go don't just banned accounts, they banned or suspend accounts that uses abusive words,etc. here are some reasons why 2go banned accounts. 1. 2go don't like accounts that uses abusive words, words that doesn't sound right. 2. 2go banned accounts that are reported by members. Most people just join a 2go room and start abusing several people, unknow to the 2go user, other users might also have report his account to 2go, and it the users number count are much, the account will be banned. Here is the direct message from 2go. 2go takes abusive behaviour very seriously to protect its users and provide a positive chatenvironment.Please readthe 2go Room rules when enteringchatrooms. The 2go moderators are carefully chosen and trained to be fair. All bans are reviewed to ensure they are unbiased. If you stillfeelyou were unfairly banned, then don't hesitate to Report to us
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